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About us


Based in the city of Cambridge around the vast academic and professional resources the University of Cambridge offers, Cambridge-IIF enjoys a unique status to serve the wider stakeholders in Islamic banking and finance. We are a non-profit research centre, with special focus on the financial sectors of the countries where Islamic banking and finance has assumed mainstream relevance (with at least 20% market share). As an applied Islamic financial research centre, it aims at engaging with the academia, industry, governments and multilateral institutions to devise macroeconomic policies and frameworks for the development of Islamic banking and finance. It also aims at conducting background research for innovations in product development for future.


Cambridge-IIF aims at producing applied Islamic financial research by combining academic rigour with the excellence in Islamic financial markets and institutions from around the world. Industry dialogues in the academic environment ,that the city of Cambridge provides, are an excellent launching platform for collecting qualitative data that must be combined with the quantitative techniques to produce industry relevant analyses.


Through extensive engagements with the stakeholders in the global Islamic financial services industry, we aim to develop a socially responsible model of Islamic banking and finance, which must be consistent with the modern trends like Sustainable Development Goals and the centuries old Islamic principles like Maqasid al-Shari’a (or Higher Objectives of Shari’a).


Cambridge-IIF is a think-tank, which not only produces intelligence for the development of Islamic banking and finance on a systemic level but is also involved in product development and structuring. It takes a futuristic view so as to cater for the future needs of the generations to come.